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we make gently cleansing and deeply nourishing soap for full body bathing,

shaving, and plastic-free travel


crafted by hand in small, weekly batches using the cold process

method and organic plants

love notes 〰️


    “…they lather like a dream. i feel so taken care of by these beauties”

    — JS

    “great scent, non-drying, beautiful to look at. i never want to go back to liquid!”

    — DH

    “i bought this soap because of the organic and natural ingredient list; simple, effective, earth friendly, and non-toxic. it smells lovely and works like a soap should”

    — ES

    “this soap smells amazing and having a triangle really makes it easy to hold. i never thought i would ever care what shape my soap is”

    — KH

    “the scents are so thoughtful, delicate, and mysterious in the best way. my all time favorite soap”

    — JD

    “i’m loving the cloud soap and face oil. i use the oil as a first step cleanse, removing with a wet warm washcloth and then followed by a soap and water cleanse. i love the simplicity and purity of your products…”

    — DC
A woman dropping Sun Milk Oil onto her chest
meet our sun milk daily face oil ✿

a daily ritual for sun lovers ~ massage into clean, damp skin

before and after sunny days, surfs, swims, and showers


we believe in less plastic and more plants in the bathing space ✿ our organic hemp and post-consumer paper boxes are completely recyclable 〰️

secret soap club

handmade triangles delivered monthly to your doorstep with savings and surprises :)