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Sun Milk ~ Daily Face Oil

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Meet our Sun Milk face oil ~ a daily ritual for sun lovers. Breathe deeply and massage into clean, damp skin before and after sunny days, surfs, swims, and showers. This nourishing, herbal blend was specifically formulated for delicate skin and smells like roots, leaves, and flowers 

Our first non-soap offering and founder's personal face oil for years, Sun Milk starts with a one-month solar infusion of healing Vermont-grown calendula and soothing milky oat tops into cold pressed US-grown organic golden jojoba oil. From there, we swirl in antioxidant-rich organic camellia (a powerhouse tea seed oil found in all our soaps), cooling, organic raspberry seed oil, and the most beautiful, regenerative organic sea buckthorn fruit oil that gives Sun Milk its rich color

We finish it off with a touch of meditative frankincense resin, toning petitgrain sur fleurs, balancing carrot seed, and healing helichrysum essential oils for a dewy, nourished glow that may help protect + soothe when flying too close to the sun ~

vegan | cruelty-free | poured fresh in small batches

2.0 oz / 60 ml


Sun Milk is a face, neck, and chest oil best massaged into clean, damp skin before and after sunny days, surfs, swims + showers. We especially love it for lymphatic massage + oil cleansing ♡


Here's our daily ritual ~


1. Drink some water, put on your favorite playlist (here's ours!), and grab a clean, organic cotton washcloth or cotton round


2. Drop a generous amount of Sun Milk onto *dry* palms and begin massaging the forehead with a gentle pressure moving upwards and outwards


3. Move to the under eyes and starting at the inner corners gently and repeatedly glide your fingers toward the temples


4. Move to the cheeks and starting close to the nose and mouth, repeatedly glide your hands outwards and upwards toward the ears


5. Take your time to really work the oil in, including small circular motions. When ready, start at the base of your ears and glide down the sides of your neck


6. If using a washcloth, run under steamy water, wring it out, and place over your face until cool ~ This will open up the pores. Take this time to breathe slowly and deeply, you're exactly where you need to be ♡


7. Once cool, flip the washcloth to the clean side and gently wipe the oil away in soft, circular motions ~ Do the same if using a cotton round (be sure to wet it first!)


8. End with a couple drops of Sun Milk pressed into the skin followed by a glass of water : ) A beautiful way to wake up or wind down, and connect with your body


Note ~ Skin may need a few days to adjust to this new method of cleansing, some people might breakout or produce more oil than usual as their skin balances out


US-Grown Organic Golden Jojoba Oil Solar-Infused with US-Grown Calendula and Milky Oat Tops, Cold-Pressed Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Raspberry Seed Oil, and Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil; Organic Helichrysum, Ethically Harvested Wild Frankincense Resin, Organic Petitgrain sur Fleurs, and Carrot Seed Essential Oils


US-Grown Organic Golden Jojoba Oil: This liquid wax mirrors our skin's sebum making it easily absorbed and non-irritating. It has been studied for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antioxidant-rich properties as well as its ability to enhance skin elasticity and shine. In fact, Native Americans in the Sonoran Desert used it topically to remedy wounds, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and sun burn among other conditions and we acknowledge them for these learnings. The ability to treat pain from sunburn has also been demonstrated by jojoba


Organic Vermont-Grown Calendula: A beautiful, golden flowered herb extensively studied for its wound healing and anti-inflammatory abilities ~ including sunburns, rashes, and eczema. Calendula has also been found to stimulate collagen production


Organic Oregon-Grown Oat Tops: While calendula is known to heal, we also include oat tops as they're known to soothe ~ specifically red and itchy irritated skin


Organic Camellia Oil: This lightweight tea seed oil is known to cool sunburns in Chinese medicine. Scientifically, this could be the tannic acid and theobromine helping to remove heat from the burn. It has also been studied for its antioxidant, healing, moisturizing, and photoprotective effects, having reduced the number of sunburn cells in studies. This beautiful, multi-purpose oil can be found in all our soaps as well : )


Organic Raspberry Seed Oil: The gentle, low temp supercritical extraction of our lightweight raspberry seed oil allows it to closely resemble its raw plant material form. With a sweet, fruity scent, this cooling oil has a light sun protection value of 2.6 and may support moisture barrier, cell membrane, and skin elasticity functions. More specifically, this quick absorbing oil may encourage natural water retention in cells ~ keeping them full and plump. High in vitamins A and E, which are essential for the maintenance and repair of skin cells


Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil: Similar to our raspberry seed oil, our high antioxidant sea buckthorn oil's low temp supercritical extraction allows it to resemble that which is found in the raw fruit pulp it comes from. This powerhouse of an oil contains approximately 190 bioactive substances including omega-rich fatty acids, 14+ vitamins, beta-carotene (gives it its deep orange color), antioxidants, minerals, and more ~ making it extremely versatile and valuable for skin. Studies have found it to be a promising natural compound in skin photo-protection and it has also been found to improve blood circulation, facilitate oxygenation of the skin, stimulate wound healing, and increase collagen production (thank you, Vitamin A!), among other benefits. Liquid gold in our eyes


Organic Helichrysum: In Greek, hélios means of the sun and chrysós of gold which couldn't be more fitting for this yellow-flowered herb that grows along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Commonly nicknamed ‘immortal’ or ‘everlasting’ as the brightly-colored flowers appear to be living even after they have dried. Helichrysum is mentioned in all major medical treatises of the Greco-Roman tradition and it was historically used for healing wounds ~ specifically sun and fire burns. Amazing, as present-day studies do find efficacy against UVB-induced inflammation. One of the most potent antioxidant-rich oils, helichrysum is also known to reduce the appearance of many types of scars. Its sweet, herbaceous scent really comes through in Sun Milk


Organic Petitgrain sur Fleurs: Distilled from the leaves, twigs, and flowers of the bitter orange tree, this sharp / green floral oil works as a toner for sensitive complexions, helping to balance sebum and diminish acne


Ethically Harvested Frankincense Resin: This grounding, meditative oil is celebrated for its thousands of years of cross-cultural, sacred uses and revered for its skin care abilities. Widely recognized as a major anti-inflammatory agent thanks to high levels of alpha-pinene, a terpene also found to have immune-enhancing and stress hormone reduction properties, this beautiful oil may also aid in wound healing, balancing oily and problematic conditions, toning, and overall rejuvenation. The magical resin contains boswellic acid, found to improve elasticity and treat photoaging


Carrot Seed: This sweet, root-like scented oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and known to balance dry, oily, or inflamed skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis


~ Every ingredient with purpose ~


Note: The above information was collected from research studies + herbal teachings. While this oil was created with sun care in mind, it is not an alternative for commercial, FDA-approved sunscreens