mindfully made in new england
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  • Smells Like: Lemon tea, smoked sage, evergreen forest


    Essential Oils: Organic Frankincense, Wild Lavender, Organic Sage, Organic Cypress Leaf


    This Blend: Is our most meditative and was crafted to help clear anxiety and promote a grounded state


    Stone Ground Matcha: Rich in antioxidants, these leaves may counteract the effects of free radicals as well as soothe inflamed skin


    French Green Clay: A highly absorbent mineral known to pull toxins and impurities while toning and stimulating skin cells


    Kaolin Clay: All of our batches contain a rich swirl of this deeply cleansing and gently exfoliating mineral


    Organic Poppy Seeds: High in linolenic acid, the properties of these powerful seeds have been known to protect the skin's barrier against free radicals