frequently asked questions

Can I bathe with your soap outside?

While we're all about bathing in the wild, even biodegradable skincare products like ours can disrupt the ecosystems within natural waterways. The National Park Service suggests using biodegradable products at least 200 feet away from a natural water source

So, what is cold process soap anyway?

Only the coolest combination of science and creativity! This is the traditional method of soapmaking and is done so through the process of saponification. This is where oils (such as olive and coconut) are combined with an alkali (such as sodium hydroxide), which enables the composition of the oils to change into a solid form. After a batch is cut into individual bars, they are placed on an airy shelf to cure for a minimum of one month. During this time the sodium hydroxide and excess water content evaporate leaving only the solid base oils, essential oils, and any additional ingredients behind. This process allows us to have complete control over our ingredients which is one of the many reasons why we love it.

Do you offer samples?

Yes! Our Soap Ends + Seconds listing is a great way to sample multiple triangles. Otherwise, feel free to request a single soap end sample in the "note" section prior to placing your order

How long will my bar last?

Typically 2-4 weeks for a single bather. For the longest lifespan (it really depends on how often / how you bathe), always allow your triangle to fully dry in between uses

Can I wash my face with your soap?

Although we create our bars with the whole body in mind, the face tends to be more senstive to essential oils and exfoliants. We recommend patch testing a small area before fully washing your face with our triangles. Our essential-oil-free Sun Milk soap makes a beautiful face wash!

I have a press/media inquiry

Thank you! Please visit our contact page or send an email to and someone will be in touch

What is the shelf life of your products?

Since we do not include any preservatives, our products only last as long as the ingredients we put in them. Ours bars last an average of nine months before scent and lather quality diminish. Before using, we recommend keeping our products out of any direct sunlight and at room temperature or cooler so that they can work their best

Do you use synthetic ingredients?

Nope, nada, never

I'd like to carry your products in my shop

We'd love to connect! Please visit our contact page or send us an email at

Is your packaging recyclable?

Sure is! In addition to our paper boxes, our stickers are made from post consumer recycled paper. We strive to re-use packaging materials when shipping orders. You might see some interesting variations because of this