for all bathing bodies


gently cleansing

and deeply nourishing skincare

for all bathing bodies


we believe in the power of paring back

in favor of time-honored practices

+ multi-functional products


crafted in small, weekly batches

using the cold process method

and organic plants


breathe deeply

“…they lather like a dream. i feel so taken care of by these beauties”

~ js

“great scent, non-drying, beautiful to look at. i never want to go back to liquid!”

~ dh

"i bought this soap because of the organic and natural ingredient list; simple, effective, earth friendly, and non-toxic. it smells lovely and works like a soap should"


"this soap smells amazing and having a triangle really makes it easy to hold. i never thought i would ever care what shape my soap is"



"the scents are so thoughtful, delicate, and mysterious in the best way. my all time favorite soap"


mindfully made in california
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